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Checking Accounts

Regular Checking Account

There are no eligibility requirements and a minimum balance of $50.00 is necessary in order to open a regular checking account at the Farmers State Bank of Aliceville.

NOW Account

A NOW Account is an interest bearing checking account that is compounded monthly. The minimum balance to open such an account is $1500.00. If the account falls below the balance requirement at any time during the month, then there is a $12.00 service charge which will be assessed to the customer. The interest rate and annual percentage yield are subject to change.

Entities organized or operated to make a profit such as corporations, partnerships, associations, business trusts, or other organizations may NOT maintain a NOW account. Individuals or nonprofit organizations are eligibile for a NOW account.

Other Fees

Overdraft Fee

  • $12.00 per item; $36.00 maximum per day

Return Funds Fee

  • $12.00 per item
  • The same transaction might result in multiple NSF fees if represented and if the account still contains insufficient funds.

Debit Card Fees

  • Replacement PIN: $5.00
  • Replacement Card: $10.00
  • Hot Card: $25.00

Debit Card Applications are available at the main bank and both branch locations.

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